Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated in the USA. It commemorates the Pilgrims being helped to survive in the New World by Native American tribes. Without the Native Americans´ help, they would have surely died. Nowadays it is celebrated by eating a large lunch at 3pm with the whole family on the last Thursday of November. Before eating everyone says what they are thankful for this year. Then everyone eats a lot and then takes a nap or watches American football on TV.

To Celebrate Thanksgiving at Las Rosas School we made fall leaves, complete with a sentence saying what we are thankful for this year. Then, we hung them in the hallways to have a festive atmosphere. We also did presentations and talks about Black Friday and the effect consumerism has on both, the environment and people. For example, the violence that always accompanies Black Friday. Also we did a presentation about the health benefits of gratitude and being grateful in our daily lives. We challenged the students to do a 30 day ¨Gratitude Challenge¨, a challenge where the kids have to write about one thing they are grateful for, for 30 days.