I had left my family and moved to my own house and it was going to be the first time I was alone in Halloween, but I wasn’t scared because it wasn’t real, or was it?

It was more or less midnight. I was lying on the sofa watching a horror film called Don’t breathe. Although it was supposed to be scary, it wasn’t scary at all. I wanted to change the channel but suddenly, the TV turned off by itself.

 At first I thought it was an electric problem but soon I realized it wasn’t. I heard a noise coming from the kitchen, someone or something was there. I walked in the kitchen but I didn’t see anything, until…I was going to go out of the kitchen but soon I discovered that the door was locked.

I tried to escape. There was nobody that could hear me, I was alone. I started crying feeling powerless. Immediately after, the door opened and I saw my friends laughing. It was a joke!